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Honda Civic 7th Generation
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 Perfect Power SMT6 piggyback ECU

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PostSubject: Perfect Power SMT6 piggyback ECU   Perfect Power SMT6 piggyback ECU Icon_minitimeThu Sep 20 2007, 01:21

Hi guys, I would like to introduce the Perfect Power SMT6 piggyback ECU to all TEAM ES members.

The functions of this piggyback you are able to read @
Main functions are:
Tuning of air/fuel ratio to achieve better power/response
Tuning of ignition timing
Open loop/close loop tuning

The Price for this piggyback ECU with installation and road tuning with wideband lambda sensor is S$880 and Dyno tuning is addtional S$200.

For the starting, I would like to give a special introduction price for all members here @ S$780 included installation and road tuning, and dyno tuning package at S$980.
for the first 3 Cars , I will give a FOC dyno tuning, with dyno figures printed out. we can compare the before and after tuning torque and horsepower. Estimated 10% increase in both torque and horse power.
If you are unhappy with the result, full cash refund. If you like it, please help me to post a FR here.
This promotion valid till 30/09/07

you can reach me @ 90666464 - vic

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PostSubject: Re: Perfect Power SMT6 piggyback ECU   Perfect Power SMT6 piggyback ECU Icon_minitimeFri Sep 21 2007, 18:14

i got foc dyno tuning bo?? bought at that first be4 leh with road tuning.pirat
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Perfect Power SMT6 piggyback ECU
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